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Discover the Perfect Wooden Match with Wooduchoose Product Wizards.

At Wooduchoose, we have developed intuitive product wizards, designed to seamlessly guide you in finding the ideal wooden profiles and mouldings that match your requirements. Our two primary wizards cater to general profiles and mouldings, and specifically assist in matching profiles to distinct architectural periods. Explore the wizards through the links provided below.

Wooden Moulding Product Wizard:

Our 'Made to Match' wizard has been tailored to help you pinpoint the precise profile that mirrors your existing items. Begin by choosing the product you are aiming to match, let's say a skirting board, you will then be presented with an array of moulding sizes and shapes. Your task is to simply select the wood profile that aligns closest with your requirement.


Please select a wood moulding category:    

Discover Period Wood Mouldings with Made To Match:

Our Period Moulding wizard streamlines your search for Architrave, Skirting Board, Dado Rail, and Picture Rail mouldings spanning various architectural eras. Begin by selecting an architectural period from the list provided. Following this, choose the type of moulding you wish to explore.


Please select the Architectural Period: